A fun place for kids and pets with unlimited love.

Parents are welcomed to our facility to meet other parents while children learn and spend unlimited time in any of our various rooms.  Staff will be available to ensure that children are safely handling our animal friends.

Host your event or birthday celebration at Happy Play! We book both private and non-private events, parent group meetings, school groups or play dates with a group discount offer. Email us for details: info@happyplaycafe.com


$15 per child (includes 1 adult per each child)

$7 per adult (adults only)

*Please note one adult may come in free of charge with a child.  Any extra adults with children will pay a $5 fee.  Rates are for a full day.

** SOCKS REQUIRED in the (0-3ys) toddler play room!** (available for purchase at the desk)

Play Time Details:

Birds: If you can't get enough of our bird room and would love to take a parakeet home we would be glad to help! Our parakeets are very friendly and you don't have to go through training them at home. Each bird can be purchased for $30. (Please bring a travel carrier or a cage with you. Thank you an advance.)

Bunnies: Our bunnies are looking for a loving home!  We would love to have the right family adopt one of our bunnies. Adoption fee is $100**.

(**if you ever change your mind we ask that you return the bunny back to our rescue center)

Pet Purchase Details:

Happy Play