A new concept has finally arrived to Chicago! We are a rescue shelter center for rabbits, a bird pet-store and an indoor play center for children.

Our facility will host child-friendly birds. Join us as you interact with birds. The birds are very friendly and love to sit on you as you enter the room.   Birds are free to fly around in a designated room - we are not your typical pet shop with small cages. Birds are kept in an open environment and instead of looking in a cage you can walk into our giant cage. This is a great opportunity to take fun pictures and share lots of laughs!

We are on a mission to find a permanemt home to all of our bunnies. We are a rescue center for rabbits. Compared to a typical rescue center, bunnies are in a cage with minimal interaction while they wait for be adopted. Our bunnies get plenty of time to exersize within a designated area and receive lots of love from people who want to learn more about these amazing pets! Each bunny is ready to join a family with children. Our bunnies are used to frequent interaction with children - this helps to make sure that a parent makes a right choice for their child's first pet. Please note that bunnies are cared for by trained staff and we make sure that they are not overwhelmed with too many visitors.  

Lastly, we have an amazing play space for children to enjoy their time while it's cold outside. Our rooms include a toddler area with soft climbing places, a pretend play room, and a train station room with marble races. Children can explore any room they prefer and learn essential skills of making new friends. 

Read more about the benefits child/pet interactions.

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take home a bird or bunny

help your child learn to love and care for animals


Happy Play

Want to take a bird/bunny home? (Please bring a travel carrier anyone coming for bird purchase)

 All of our pets are available for purchase/adoption. We want to find a forever home for our friends! All pets are trained for a family with children.

  • Find a forever home for our animal friends
  • Help your child explore the benefits of pet interactions
  • Spend time with your friends while children spend unlimited time in our various rooms
  • Help your toddler develop fine motor skills and have a safe place to roam about
  • See if your family is ready for a pet at home with no obligations
  • Watch your children engage in dramatic play while building social and cognitive abilities
  • Create family memories 
  • On a sunny or rainy day have an awesome place to play!

Enjoy spending TIme with your child (with lots of laughs)

Spend Therapeutic time with birds and bunnies

Did you know?

Playing with a furry friend can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, which calm and relax.

Dramatic Play brings about a higher level of thinking for children.  It helps them develop problem solving skills, social skills, and cognitive abilities   

Pretend play is crucial to a child's development. 

A fun place for kids and pets with unlimited love.

Want to help a bird/bunny find a home?

We also accept birds and bunnies that need a home.  If you have a parakeet or rabbit in need of a loving environment, bring your animal friend in, and we are happy to help them find a forever home! 

Hours of Operations:

Monday       9am-6pm

Tuesday      9am-6pm

Wednesday 9am-6pm

Thursday     9am-6pm

Friday          9am-6pm

Saturday      9am-6pm

Sunday        9am-6pm  Happy Play books private events on the FIRST SUNDAY OF EACH month and may be CLOSED certain hours.   Call or check Facebook for most up-to-date hours on first Sundays.


** PLEASE call or check Facebook for the most up to date hours holiday closings or private event closings.